Genetic effects of chest circumference of Egyptian native breeds on account of crossing with new zealand white rabbits

Abstract: Data were obtained on 977 weaning rabbits which consists of 423 straight- bred and 554 cross-bred individuals, produced through a crossbreeding experiment, from three breeds one exotic, New Zealand White (NZW) and two local, Baladi- Black (BB) and Baladi- Red (BR). Biweekly chest circumference traits (CC) from weaning age (6th wk) up to marketing ( 12th wk ) were estimated. Mating group (MG) and month of birth proved significance on CC at all ages studied. Feed type (F) and (MG X F ) interaction affected significantly CC at 8 wk of age. Sex, parity and (MG X sex ) interaction affected CC not significantly at all ages considered. Average regression of CC on their age respective body weight (BW) was highly significant at all ages considered while there was no significant effect of BW partial regression within MG. Litter size at birth (total number born, LSB) as a covariate (either average or partial) affected not significantly CC at all considered ages except MG x LSB at 6 wk of age.
Values of direct CC heterosis (H) was not of significant importance with the exception of that for NZW x BR at 8 and 10 wk of age. Maternal CC effects (Gm ) illustrated almost the same trend of superiority ranking displayed by least squares means. NZW and BR rabbits exchanged general insignificant CC superiority considering direct additive effect (Gm ).
Keywords: Rabbit crossing, chest circumference, direct and maternal additive effects.
Publication year 2001
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    السيد جمال احمد جامعة قناة السويس
    احمد محمود عبد الغنى جامعة قناة السويس
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