Studies on probiotics criteria of some bifidobacterial and lactobacilli strains for producing synbiotic yoghurt as a functional food

Abstract: The ability of lactobacilli and bifidobacterial strains to withstand environmental conditions similar to the human digestion tract (probiotic criteria) was examined. Therefore the survival of these strains at low pH and in the presence of bile salt, phenol and lysozyme, their resistance to antibiotics, antibacterial activity of cell-free filtrate against some harmful indicator microorganisms and ability to assimilate cholesterol were studied. B. longum Bb.46, B. adolescentis ATCC 15704, B. lactis Bb. 12, B. infantis ATCC 15697. B. bifidum ATCC 15696 and Lb. acidophilus TISTR 450 seemed to be non pathogenic and showed a significant degree of survival at low pH and in the presence of bile salt up to I %, lysozyme, phenol and tested antibiotics. The cell free filtrate of these strains was able to suppress or retard the growth of all harmful indicator bacteria tested. Also, they were able to assimilate more cholesterol than other strains. The obtained results indicate that these six probiotic microorganisms can reach the intestine viable after ingestion.
The six selected strains were combined in synbiotic yoghurt to prepare six treatments. Of 5 Bifidobacterium strains examined; only B. lactis Bb.12 possessed all of the required characteristics. This B. lactis Bb.12 hydrolyzed resistant starch (Hi-maize), and possessed technological properties suitable for yoghurt manufacture. It grew well at temperatures up to 45°C. In addition to resistant starch, the organism was able to utilize a prebiotics including inulin. However, B. lactis Bb.12 was the only one of these strains that could hydrolyse resistant starch (Hi-maize). Bifidobacterium lactis Bb.12 survived without substantial loss of viability in synbiotic yoghurt containing resistant starch during storage at 4°C for four weeks.
Key words: bifidobacteria. probiotic. prebiotic. synbiotic
Publication year 2009
Pages 320-345
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serial title Proceeding of The 2nd Scientific Conference of Animal Wealth Research in the Middle East & North Africa Special Issue
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Antibiotics. Bile salts. Lysozyme. Phenolic compounds. Probiotics.
Proposed Agrovoc synbiotic;prebiotic;bifidobacteria;lactobacilli;
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