Using whey for Production of Carotenoids by Rhodotorula glutinis

Abstract: Optimization of fermentation conditions for maximum total carotenoids production by Rhodotorula glufinis NRRL YB-252 co-cultivated with Lactobacillus casei sub sp. casei NRRL B- 441 using whey as a tested medium was investigated. Maximum total carotenoids, torularhodin and dry cell weight were obtained from whey fortified with 3% glucose, 0.75% yeast extract and 0.5% magnesium sulphate as a carbon, nitrogen and mineral sources, respectively. At the optimal fermentation conditions, the total carotenoids, torularhodin and dry cell weight were 474.76 (μg/g), 101.56(μg/ml)and 7.l0(g/L), respectively. Stability towards some technological factors of carotenoids produced under the optimal conditions was evaluated. The pigment was stable for most tested thermal treatments, sodium chloride and sucrose concentrations. High acidic conditions resulted in slightly low stable carotenoids.
Key words: Rhodotorula glutinis, Lactobacillus casei sub sp. casei, Carotenoids, Whey, carbon source, nitrogen source, mineral source, stability.
Publication year 2014
Pages 385-391
Availability location معهد بحوث الانتاج الحيوانى-شارع نادى الصيد- الدقى- الجيزة
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serial title Middle East Journal of Applied Sciences
ISSN 2077-4613
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Carotenoids. Lactobacillus casei. Stability. Whey.
Proposed Agrovoc mineral source;nitrogen source;carbon source;Rhodotorula glutinis;
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