Abortion and stillbirth in Arabian mare: clinical , etiological and pathological studies in Arabian mare

Abstract: Astudy was conducted to investigate some of the etiological aspescts of fetal death and stillbone foals in Arabian mares during a four - year period from 1998 till 2001 Data on the age and breeding history of mares were recorded the causes of abortion were determined according to the clinical bacteriological and the histopathological evaluations and were grouped into bacterial abortion , viral abortion twinp abortion or miscellaneous (traumatic abortion and unidentified cause ) Isolation of bacteriual organisms from fetal stomach contents in pure culture or as the predominant organisms was the basis for a diagnosis of bacteria as a cause of abortion Viral abortion was diagnosed depending on the histopathological changes and the presence of inclusion bodies within certain cells the twin and the traumatic abortion were determined clinically Abortion had occurred to 21 mares (6.63%) stillbirth and death of newly born foals which fied within few days postparturient were estimated to be 9 foals (2.73%) Bacterial abortions were determined in 16 cases the isolated bacteria were streptococcus zooepidemicus kelbsiella pneumoniae Escherichia coli , Rodococcus equi and staphylococcus aurius pseudomonas spp the histopathological results provided evidence for the viral infection in 6 cases Twin abortion accurred in 2 and other miscellaneous causes of abortion were found in 6 .
Publication year 2003
Pages 279-311
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    احمد حامد محمد
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Abortion. Foetal death.
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