Carcinogenic potential of estrogen on newly born female rats

Abstract: The present study was carried out to evaluate the carciogenic potential of estrogen hormone on newly born female rats. for this pupose 100 newly born female rats were used . the treated group was dosed estrogen (folone ampoule 5 mg/mi)diluted in 10 mi olive oil from the first day till 3 months of age . at maturity age the treated female rats recorded significant increase in body weight, earlier puberty , irregular oestrus cycle and decline in fertility index. Maternal and foetal values indicated a sharp decrease in number of live foeti/dam accompanied by a significant increase in resorption and dead %. However, placental and foetal weight, length and external malformation % did not significantly altered comparing with the control group A significanr hyperprolactinemin accompaning with the control group.Asignificant . the uteri revealed squamous metaplasia of the endometrial epithelium at 5 monthe of age, while focal dysplasia and heratinized carcinoma in situ of the endometrial epithelium were recognized at 7 months of age . It was concluded that estrogen is a potent carcinogen in the uteri and mammary glands of female rats particularly when exposed to estrogen even at small doses at the early time of life.
Publication year 2006
Pages 25-39
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