Incidence Of Bacillus cerus In some sweetened dairy products and dairy deserts in Assiut city

Abstract: Eighty random samples of some sweetened dairy products including ice cream (30 samples) and condensed milk (10 samples) and some dairy deserts including rice with milk (25 samples) and Mchailabeia (15 samples) were collected from different restaurants, dairy shops, Supermarkets and groceries in Assuit City for enumeration and isolation ofB. cereus. B, cereus was isolated from 50%, 90%, 68% and 80%. of ice cream, condensed milk, rice with milk and mehallabeia samples respectively. The numbers ranged from < 10-1700, < 10 -500, < 100 -300 and < 100-1000 c.f-u. / g or nil of the samples, respectively. The highest frequency distribution lies within the range of 10-10" /g or ml of ice cream, rice with milk and Mehallabeia, respectively. While. 50% of condensed milk had counts < i0/g. The Public health ha/ard and recommended measures to prevent contamination of such products by this organism were discussed
Publication year 2004
Pages 63- 69
Availability location مكتبة معهد بحوث صحة الحيوان
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serial title مجلة أسيوط الطيبية البيطرية – مجلد ( 50 ) – أكتوبر 2004 – العدد ( 103 )- صفحة 63- 69
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