Microbiological evaluation of some ready to eat egg- based deserts sold in Assiut city .

Abstract: A total of 45 random samples of ready to eat egg-based deserts including cream caramel, cake and jatooh products (15 samples each), were collected from different retailers, supermarkets, confectionery shops and bakeries in Assiut City. To assess their quality, the samples were examined microbiologically for the incidence and counts ofaerobic plate count, psychrotrophs, enterococci, coliforms, feca! coliforms, Eschericia coli, Bacillus cereus, Staphylococcus aureus, anaerobes and yeasts & molds. The obtained results verify that the total bacterial and psychrotrophs counts averaged IxlO5 and IxlO6, 1.9xI06 and <102, 2.6x10'' and 1-lxlO/g of cream caramel, cake and jatooh samples, respectively. Enterococci averages were <102, 2.5xl02 and 1.2xl0''/g of the examined samples, respectively. Most of the examined samples of cream caramel and cake products (93,3 and 86.7%) failed to yield coliforms (less than 3/g), while 60% of Jatooh samples had counts below lO^g. Two samples (13.3%) of such product yielded counts over iO'Vg. Fecal coliforms could not recover from all of cream caramel samples (<3/g), while most of the Jatooh samples (53.3%) were contaminated by numbers ranged from <10 up to -^lO^g. Only one sample (6.66%) of such product had fecal cotiforms more than 10^/g. E. coli could not be detected in any of the examined egg-based deserts samples- Bacillus cereus could he isolated from 20, 20 and 46.7% in numbers averaged 6.7xl03, 3-5xl03 and 5.3x10^ of [he examined samples, respectively. S. aureus could not be detected in any of cream caramel samples. The organism recovered from 6.6 and 13.3% of the examined cake and jatooh samples, respectively. The incidence of anaerobes was 33.3, 73.3 and 80% in the examined products, respectively. Yeasts & molds contaminated 46.7, 60 and !00% of the examined products, respectively. They existed in numbers averaged 1.8x10 , 6.7xl02 and 2.2x10 /g of the samples, respectively. The results prove that most of the examined egg-
based deserts products are of quite good quality, except jatooh product that needs to be improved. However, the microbia! loads are below the hazard point, the health hazard of such microorganisms still exists, if they are allowed to grow and multiply. Suggestive measures for improving these products were discussed.
Publication year 2005
Pages 113-125
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serial title مجلة أسيوط الطبيبة البيطرية – المجلد ( 51) –أكتوبر 2005- العدد ( 107 ) – من صفحة 113: 125
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