Isolation of yersinia enterocolitica and pseudomonas aeruginsa form commercial hens and ducks ' eggs

Abstract: Eggs provide unique well balanced source of nutrients , including high quality protein , vitamins , useful amount of minerals and easily digested lipids , However , the nutrient that make egg a high quality food for humans are also a good growth medium for bacteria .
Microorganisms could be deposited along with dirt on the outside of an egg and from fecal matters from hens , by lining of the nest , by wash if the eggs are to be washed , by handling and perhaps by materials in which eggs are packed .D.Herent types of bacteria including pseudomonas and yersinia have been isolated from eggs.
Commercial Hens and ducks' egg (225 eggs) representing 45 groups ( 5 eggs each as a sample ) were collected from Assiut markets and different groceries .Hens' egg represent farm hens and native breeds.
The collected samples were examined for incidence of Yersinia enterocolitica and Pseudomnas aeruginosa on egg shells and in contents Y. enterocolitica could not be isolated from shells ad contents of farm hens' eggs ( shell and content ) , and the organisim recovered from one sample (6.7%) of shells and 3 samples (20%) of the contents of native breeds eggs . Ducks' egg were contamined by the same ratio of native breeds hens ' egg . Pseudomanas aeruginosa could not recover from any of native breed eggs (shells and contents ) but could be isolated from 6.7% of shells and contents of farm eggs ( one sample each ) . Ducks' eggs proved to contain the organism in the content ( 2 samples ) and on its shell ( one sample ) . The public Health hazard of the isolated organisms and suggestive meaure were discussed .
Publication year 2005
Pages 126: 134
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