An Economic Study of Marketing Chemical Fertilizers in The Arab Republic of Egypt

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• M. Sc. in Agricultural Science (Agricultural Economics): Department of Agricultural Economics, Faculty of Agriculture, Damanhour University, 2012.
The problem with the study in the imbalance between the desired and the supply of chemical fertilizers in the domestic market as a result of increased demand and higher prices for chemical fertilizers in addition to the practices of quasi- monopolistic companies to produce chemical fertilizers in Egypt with respect to specify the selling prices of fertilizers for different points of local marketing as well as excesses in the exported quantities of at the expense of fertilizer available to the local market and overcome in addition to the lack of availability of nitrogenous fertilizers distributed to farmers through agricultural cooperatives in sufficient quantities and distributed in batches .
The study aimed to identify the price policy , marketing and foreign trade of chemical fertilizers during the period (2011-1995) and the study of the local market and know the size of the actual production and actual consumption in Egypt during the same period and stand on the determinants of domestic demand , exports and imports fertilizer , chemical and identify the most important problems of the distribution of fertilizers through all of the private sector and the cooperative sector and Agiraaltaraf on the adequacy of the quantities of fertilizer distributed to farmers through cooperatives .
The results of the study that the rate of self-sufficiency of nitrogenous fertilizers has increased by 105% in average for the period (2011-1995) to 137 % on average for the period (2011-1995), but decreased from 120% to 113 % during the same periods, and so for phosphate fertilizers , but for Fertilizers potassium , there is no local production of them , and for Fertilizers vehicle reached self-sufficiency ratio of approximately 45% in average for the period (2011-1995), and the percentage of self-sufficiency in fertilizer paper about 46 % in average for the period (2011-1995), but decreased to about 22 % due to the large turnout farmers on imported fertilizer , have increased self-sufficiency ratio of fertilizer micronutrients from 25% to 38 % during the same periods.
The study found that the average distribution of the bank during the With regard to the problems of marketing of chemical fertilizers study showed that the most important problems of marketed through cooperatives is the lack of availability of potassium fertilizers in the association and then the problem of non-availability of phosphate fertilizers in associations and insufficient fertilizer disbursed , either through the private sector was found to be the most important of these problems is the problem of high prices of nitrogenous fertilizers and phosphate and potash and potassium fertilizer problem of exposure to fraud and explained
the study showed that the appreciation of the standard of the determinants of the demand for nitrogenous fertilizers and phosphate that the most important factors influencing the moral is both the price of organic manure ( compost ) and crop area and that the most important factors of a moral influence on the demand of potassium fertilizers is the price per ton of fertilizer potassium and crop area , with respect to appreciate the standard of the determinants of the demand for Egyptian imports of nitrogenous fertilizers has study showed that the most important variables influencing the moral is the quantity produced of nitrogen fertilizer and the price of organic manure ( compost ) and crop area and for the fertilizer potash was the price of imported fertilizer dollar and crop area , and that the most important factors moral influence on exports of nitrogenous fertilizers was the export price of fertilizer and the dollar for the quantity of phosphate fertilizers produced from compost and manure export price .
With regard to the efficiency of foreign trade has been shown that the percentage of coverage of the value of Egypt's exports of various fertilizers outweigh the value of imports in most of the years of the study period (2011-1995) , as shown by estimating the rate of the international exchange net that the relationship of price between Egypt's exports of chemical fertilizers and imports is not in the interest of the state characterized as a non-profit national economy of Foreign Trade Chemical Fertilizer decline during the years of the study , except in 2011 , where it amounted to a non-profit national economy of that trade around 1.07 million dollars.
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