Abstract: Egyptian Journal of Agricultural Research, Volume 95, N 1, pp. 433: 456.
The problem of the research is that, while the Egyptian orange exports occupies a special position in some countries in the group BRICS countries markets, but to maintain these markets or try to increase orange exports to them may face numerous obstacles or difficulties, especially in light of the signing and activating the setting up of the agreement BRICS, especially since some of the COMESA countries are producing countries and major exporter of oranges, and then this paper aims to examine the competitive conditions for exports of Egyptian oranges markets group BRICS countries, so that some of the proposals that help to maintain the presence of Egyptian oranges develop and raise the competitiveness of the stability and increase Egyptian exports of oranges to those markets. In light of the findings of the research, it can be recommended as follows: -
• Work on maintaining the current markets and the study of the causes of non-existence of Egyptian oranges in the rest of the assembly markets and how to overcome obstacles to the entry and the presence of Egyptian oranges in light of the increasing growth in demand for oranges in these markets and, through: -
• the ability to raise Alantajph Exporters orange and the preservation of the status and the presence of Egyptian oranges in the Russian market and applying appropriate marketing strategy in light of the significant decline in the imports of the market during the last period.
• concern for the signing of a joint agreement between the Development Association and the development of horticultural crops and Export Council for Agricultural Crops with CAWA Chinese Foundation exports, which includes more than 300 importer and trader specialized Chinese sentence in agricultural crops and account for 80% of the agricultural products market in China, which promotes the export volumes large orange in all its forms to the Chinese market.
• To work on activating agreement Mercosur signed between Egypt and Brazil as an important tool to activate bilateral trade movement and increase the force of Egyptian goods and products to the markets of the Latin American continent rate instruments, with the need to improve the transportation system logistics between the two countries would contribute to strengthening trade relations between the two countries, and through the launch of regular lines for maritime transport between the two sides, with due attention to studying the possibilities of Egyptian oranges registered with the Ministry of Agriculture, Brazil Ki Egypt can export markets for the Brazilian.
Publication year 2017
Pages 433-456
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