Using Nanotechnology in Bleaching Vegetable Oils

Abstract: HE present study aimed to investigate the efficiency of nanotechnology in bleaching
three important Egyptian oils (soybean, corn and sunflower). The raw bleaching earth
powder was milled for 10 h in a planetary ball mill. X-ray diffraction analysis (XRD) and
transmission electron microscopy (TEM) were used to investigate morphology, crystallite size,
lattice strain and particle size of as-received and milled powders. The mechanical alloying
process succeeded to obtain nano-sized bleaching earth powders after 10 h of milling and the
morphology appeared rod with 46.6 nm in length and 4.46 nm in diameter. The milled nanosized
bleaching powder was used in bleaching of oils under study. Comparing color indices,
peroxide values and spectral absorbencies at 232, 270 nm for the resulted bleached oils with
the unbleached and control ones bleached with raw bleaching earth, it was concluded the high
bleaching efficiency of nano-sized bleaching earth in reducing color indices, peroxide values
and spectral absorbencies at 232, 270 nm.
Keywords: Nanotechnology, Bleaching earth, Vegetable oils, Bleaching efficiency.
Publication year 2020
Pages 2699 - 2706
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serial title Egyptian Journal of Chemistry
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    سوزان محمود محمد عبد المجيد
    رشا عبد الحكم يونس قسم الأطياف – المركز القومي للبحوث
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