effect of balanced fertilizers on productivity of hybrid and inbred rice varieties

Abstract: Two field experiments were conducted at Rice Research and Training Center, Sakha Kafr El-Sheikh, Egypt in 2004 and 2005 summer seasons to study the effect of balanced fertilizers on productivity of hybrid and inbred rice varieties.
Six fertilizer treatments of N, P, K and Zn were applied as kg/ha. These combinations were as follows 0-0-0-0 (T1), 165-0-0-0 (T2), 165-36-57-0 (T3), 165-36-0-24 (T4), 165-0-57-24 (T5) and 165-36-57-24 (T6) for the four elements, respectively. Split plot design, with four replications, was used. The rice varieties were laid out in the main plots, while fertilizer treatments were in the sub plots. The rice varieties included two hybrids (SK2034 H and SK2047 H) and one inbred (Sakha 104). The results revealed that the hybrids were superior over the inbred in growth characters (dry matter/m2, leaf area index and chlorophyll content), grain yield and yield components. Also, N, P, K and Zn concentrations were higher in grains and straw of hybrids than in those of the inbred. By contrast, Sakha 104 was superior over the hybrids in plant height and 1000-grain weight.
Under the experimental sites, (T6) treatment gave the highest values of dry matter (DM), leaf area index (LAI), chlorophyll content, plant height, grain and straw yield and yield components (no. of panicles/m2-panicle weight, no. of spikelets/panicle, no. of filled grains/panicle and 1000-grain weight) as well as the highest N, P, K and Zn concentration in grains and straw and ranked first followed by (T3, T4, T5) treatments with insignificant differences existed among them which ranked second. Applying nitrogen only, (T2) treatment was intermediate in these respects.
The interaction between rice cultivars and fertilizer treatments in both seasons were significant for DM, LAI, no. of spikelets/panicle, no. of filled grain/panicle, no. of tillers/m2, no. of panicles/m2 and grain yield (t/ha)
In fact, these results may reveal that the absence of P, K and Zn show significant effect on growth, yield and its components when hybrid and inbred rice varieties were preceded by wheat, therefore, the balanced fertilizers is necessary to increase plant vigor and hence its productivity, as compared with the untreated (control) or missing application of these elements with nitrogen.
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