Toxico - Pathological Studies On Aluminum Toxicity In Albino Rats

Abstract: ٍSixty albino rats were used to determine the adverse effects of aluminum toxixity. the rats were divided into 3 groups Serum and tissue samples (Brain, bone, liver,kidney spleen,lung and heart)were taken at each time of scarififcation . serum samples were used to determine cholinesterase . tissue samples were either fixed in 10% neutral buffer formalin for histopathological and examination or in freeze for study.there an elevation in the level of group however brain showed early marked elevation from there were significant elevation in values if urea and creatinine in both treated groups. the examination revealled the bone showed signs of osteomalacia. the liver showwed cloudy swelling hydropic and fatty . it is concluded from the present study that long term exposure to aluminumevoked dratic changes on function , morphology and structure of vital organs. the deleterious effects were dose and time dependent.
Publication year 2007
Pages 141-164
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Aluminium. Pathology. Rats. Toxicity.
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