Incidence and public health hazard of Enterobacter Sakazakii in milk powder and some dried milk –based foods .

Abstract: A total of 120 random samples of milk powder , dried milk-based baby foods , cappuccino and tea creamer (30 samples each ) were obtained from different shops and pharmacies in Assiut city.The samples were still valid for consumption as their shelf life was at least one year from the production date . These samples were examined for prevalence of Enterobacter sakazakii which could be isolated in percentage rates of 0 , 3.33, 6.67 and 0% , respectively using the isolation procedure with Enterobacteriaceae enrichment broth, which the isolation procedure with peptone water showed its percentage rate as 0 , 10, 0 and 0% respectively . Thus 3 different procedures were used for isolation of such organism , the enrichment broth was used in 2 procedure and one procedure was carried out without enrichment broth . The 2 procedures using enrichment were valuable for isolation of E.sakazakii then that used without enrichment . The results obtained in this study showed that dried milk-based baby foods were the worst in its contamination by E.sakazakii . However , cappuccino samples were of less contamination while milk powder and tea creamer samples failed to recover the organism . Other organisms related to genus Enterobacter could be isolated as E.aerogenes , E. agglomerans and E. intermedius.
Also , 29 isolates related to family Enterobacteriaceae could be isolated from the examined samples using 3 different methods of isolation . The isolates were found to be Cedecea species , Escherichia coli , Ewingella americana , Hafnia alvei ,Klebsiella pneumoniae , K. oxytyphi , K. rhinoscleromatis , K. terrigena , Pantoea species , Salmonella paratypei , A, Serratia marcescens , S. plymuthica , Shigella species and Yersinia species. Suggestive hygienic measures for improving the quality of milk powder and some dried milk-based foods and the public health hazard of E. sakazakii were recommended .
Publication year 2007
Pages 124-137
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serial title مجلة أسيوط الطبيبة البيطرية – المجلد ( 53) – أبريل 2007- العدد ( 113 ) – من صفحة 124: 137
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