The Fifth Research Virological & Clinico- Pathological Studies On Sheep Pox

Abstract: This study was based on diagnosis of sheep pox infection in one private farm at Giza Governorate, Egypt. The clinical signs referred to sheep pox infection with 13.9% morbidity rat & 6.28% mortalities. By trials & isolation the collscted samples were inoculated on chorioallantoic membrane (CAM). The pock lesions give positive result after 5th day posinoculation. Different diagnostic techniques for viral detection were 62.5% & 87.5% positive by Agar gel precipitation test & fluorescent antibody test technique (FAT). FAT was found to be more sensitive than AGPT. SERological investigation revealed a 36.7% & 46.6% positive for antibodies by Agar gel immune diffusion test (AGIDT) & serum neutralization test (SNT), respectively.

The geamatological & serum biochemical analysis were done on sixty sheep, thirty of them harboured the sheep pox disease. The heamatological studies showed non significant changes, while the leukogram values revealed an increase in the total leukocytic count, absolute neutrophilia & significant decrease in lymphocytes. Serum biochemical analysis showed a significant elevation of serum urea, creatinine & serum enzymatic activities of ALT & AST. Protein profile of purified pox virus analysis was carried out by using sodium dodecyl sulphate- polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS- PAGE). The protin of virus revealed between 14 & 205 KDA. The infected sheep showed cutaneous eruptions in the form of circumscribed rounded papules of different sizes, vesicles with & pustules with exudation & scab formation.

For histopathological examination, skin biopsies from 9 animals were taken. The microscopical examination showed acanthosis, stratum spinosum cells undergo vacuolar degeneration which later produce vesicles, hyperplasia of the basal cell layer, cosinophilic intracytoplasmic inclusion bodies of variable sizes occasionally observed in the cells of epidermis.
Publication year 2007
Pages 113 – 127
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serial title Egypt vet. Med. Assoe. 67, no. 3: 113 – 127, (2007)
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Capripoxvirus. Viroses.
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