The Sixth Research Some Clinic pathological & Pathological Studies C. Ovis Infection in Sheep

Abstract: This study was conducted on 480 male sheep from three private farms in Sharkia Governorate. The surveyed cases were examined clinically for caseous lymphadenitis, 60 male sheep gave positive result for isolation of C.ovis.

The diseased sheep showed depression, loss of appetite & abscesses spread all over the body.

Blood picture of diseased sheep revealed signifieant drop in erythrocytic count, haemoglobin concentration & packed cell volume (macrocytic hypochromic anemia) with significant leucocytosis; neutrophilia, monocytosis & lymphopenia. Serum chemistry revealed significant increase in the activities of ALT & AST as well as urea & creatinine levels, while total protein & albumin revealed significant decrease. Globulin fraction revealed significant increase in y1 & y2 & decrease in B1 & B2 & serum testosterone concentration showed significant decrease.

Gross examination showed enlargement & abscess formation of variable size in lymph nodes. Severe congestion of most internal organs was noticed. The histopathological examination revealed degeneration & necrosis in the different layers of spermatogenesic cells C. ovis caused pathological changes in the testes & decreased testosterone level, therefore,C.ovis could be expected to decrease the reproduction in sheep.

Publication year 2008
Pages 327-343
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serial title Egypt. J. comp. path. & Clinic. Path. Vol.21 no. 1 (January) 2008; 327-343
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