Evaluation of The Promising Cross [G83 × (G75 × 5844)] × G80

Abstract: The new promising cross [G83 × (G75 × 5844)] × G80 was produced by the Cotton Breeding Research Department of Cotton Research Institute from a cross between genotype G80 and [G83 × (G75 × 5844)] via artificial hybridization followed by the Pedigree method of selection. This promising cross belong to long staple category with boll weight 3.0 g, lint percentage 39.8 %, fiber length 29.7 mm, Micronaire reading 4.1 unit, and yarn strength 2157 unit. This promising cross characterized by high yielding and out yielded Giza 80 by about 20 and 21 % in seed cotton yield and lint cotton yield, respectively. This promising cross is characterized by its resistance against Fusarium Oxysporum. Thus, the promising cross [G83 × (G75 × 5844)] × G80 could be the best alternative to Giza 80
Publication year 2015
Pages 69-82
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Publication Type Journal