Abstract: Cakes is one of the bakery products that have high nutritional value with short shelf life due to its nutritional and moisture content. The aim of this study was to improve the taste, nutritional value and microbial quality of cakes and biscuits and extend its shelf life using encapsulated ginger oleoresin powder as a flavoring, antimicrobial and antifungal agent. Also, compare the effect of encapsulated ginger oleoresin powder with crude ginger powder on the quality of cakes and biscuits. Crude ginger powder was added with 2%, 3% and 4%, and ginger extract powder was added with 0.8%, 1% and 1.2% to wheat flour (72% extraction) to produce the ginger cakes and biscuits. Effects of encapsulated ginger oleoresin and crude ginger powder on chemical composition, rheological properties and sensory and of cakes and biscuits were studied. Texture properties, microbial quality and shelf life of produced cakes were studied also. The results indicated that ginger powders improved sensory and microbial quality, nutritional value and extended shelf life of cakes and biscuits. Results indicated also that encapsulated ginger oleoresin powder was more effective than crude ginger powder. The results recommend that encapsulated ginger oleoresin can be used in improving the nutritional, microbial and sensory quality of bakery products and extending its shelf life.
Publication year 2011
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serial title International Conference & Exhibition on Total Quality Management of Herbs, Medicinal Plants & Products, Egyptian International Center for Agriculture
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    فاطمة أحمد ندا
Publication Type Conference/Workshop