Correlation and Path Coefficient Analysis of Yield and Yield Components in Grain Sorghum

Abstract: The present study was carried out at Shandaweel, Agric. Res. Station, (ARC), Egypt during the two successive summer seasons of 2004 and 2005 to estimate the phenotypic simple correlation and path coefficient analysis in twenty grain sorghum genotypes (R-Lines), which have restorer gene .The combined analysis of variance showed highly significant effects of genotypes and the genotype x year interaction on grain yield/plant, 1000-kernel weight, seed no/plant, panicle length and plant height. Grain yield/plant showed positive correlation with all studied traits except for days to 50% flowering. A Path coefficient analysis for genotypes indicated that seed no./plant and 1000-kernel weight played an important role in grain yield. Results indicated that the use of yield components (seed no./plant, 1000-kernel weight and panicle length) as selection criteria would be more effective than the use of morphological characters.
Publication year 2006
Availability location معهد بحوث المحاصيل الحقليه - ش الجامعه - الجيزة
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serial title Proceeding of the First Field Crops Conference, Aug. 22-24, 2006
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Sorghum bicolor. Yield components.
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