Effect of modified atmosphere packages on the quality of high nutrient Cup Cake

Abstract: This study aims to produce a cake healthy high nutritional value by using natural sources
high protective properties and to this end have been proposed combination of grains
ranged each (2.5-5-10- 20) % of a nine (blends) recipes of (Sorghum–Naked barley-
Triticale) with 80% of the wheat and manufactured and evaluated all mixes resulting
sensory, physically, staling Extensogram parameters (Resistance to extension (BU),
Extensibility (E) (mm), Proportional number and Fouling number) staling in the different
combinations Cake was evaluation Biology of the samples and the results showed that the
percentage of water absorption and rubber increased in blend for recipes and as chemical
analysis and Amino acid composition for different raw materials, The results of the
acceptance of sensory All the recipes are all accepted sensory and the best of recipe No
ninth. in the general acceptance until the concentration of 15% of each of the (Sorghum–
Naked barley-Triticale) and held filled in two packaging material (BOPPt transparent and
Mineralized BOPPm) under the two conditions of the atmosphere (ambient air and inert
nitrogen gas) to study the effect of these packaging material and conditions on the microbial
growth during storage (6 weeks) The estimated microbial growth, and also the number of
fungi and sporeforming bacteria during the period of storage of 6 weeks and pulled samples
from the zero time and every two weeks to microbiology evaluate and final results showed
that the BOPPm bags are the best in reducing microbial growth as well as the injection
nitrogen had a major effect in improving the properties microbiology for all blend (reciepes|)
reduce the microbial load. The results showed that the microbial growth after 6 weeks of
cup cake samples control packaged in transparent BOPPt bags 1000Colony/g and
packages Metalize BOPPm 200 Colonies/g, while they reached to 750 and 150 Colonies /g
in the blend N1 after 6 weeks
The aim of this study is to produce cakes containing whole barley flour when
blended with wheat flour 72% as a source of dietary fiber, B. glucan and essential amino
acids (lysine) in different levels. It investigation the chemical composition, amino acids, the
physical properties, the staling reaction and and Microbiological Evolution with two
packaging materials under modified atmosphere (Injection Nitrogen)
Publication year 2011
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City Cairo
serial title Intern. Conf. & Exh. On Total Quality Management of Herbs & Medicinal Plants and
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