Chemical and technological studies onfruits of some olive varieties

Abstract: Olives (Olea europeae L.) belong to the family Oleaceae, and this tress is among the oldest known cultivated trees in the world. Olive tree is known as the symbol of peace. It is one of the most important plants that have been mentioned in holy books. Olive oil is an important commodity in the daily diet of Mediterranean people. The consumption of olive oil in the world has been increasable from year to year. The beneficial effects of olive oil are due to not only its high unsaturated/saturated fatty acid ratio, but also its antioxidants such as vitamin E, carotenoids and phenolic compounds. Antioxidants in virgin olive oil protect against cancer and arteriosclerosis.
This investigation was carried out on fruits of foqr olive varieties namely; Chemlali, Kronaki, Frantoio and Mission at unripe and ripe stage obtained from EI-Dakhala Oasis, New Valley Governorate.
The olive fruits were compared of their physical and chemical properties and gross chemical composition. The physical and chemical properties of olive oil, as well as fatty acid and unsaopnifable matter composition were determined. The total polyphenols were extracted, quantitatively determined and fractionation by HPLC method. On the other hand, evaluate the unitization of unsaopnifable matter and total polyphenols as natural source of antioxidants. Besides, detection of virgin olive oil adulteration by sunflower or soybean oils using UV Spectrophotmetric method, as well as determination of fatty acid composition.
Publication year 2008
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    زينب سيد محمد معهد بحوث تكنولوجيا الاغذية
    د. رزق احمد حامد الدنجاوى كلية الزراعة- جامعة اسيوط
    د. احمد حامد عبد الغنى خليفة كلية الزراعة- جامعة اسيوط
    بلبل رمضان رمضان كلية الزراعة -جامعة اسيوط
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