Abstract: In this study, galactomannan was extracted from different sources (fenugreek, guar, and locust bean). Chemical composition and rheological properties of raw materials and galactomannans were determined. Glactomannans were also determined using HPLC to calculate the galactose / mannose ratio. Galactomannans were added to wheat flour at different levels as improvers and to produce healthy pan bread and cakes. Rheological properties of dough measurements and sensory evaluation of pan bread and cake were studied. The effect of galctomannans on staling rates for pan bread and cake were also studied. The results showed that galactomannan characterized by low contents of ash, ether extract, protein and crude fiber, whereas, it contained higher percentage of gum. The yields of extracted galactomannans with cold water from all previous used materials were higher than those extracted with hot water. They were 13.63, 16.45, 14.20, 12.99, and 14.72 for cold water extraction, and 8.46, 14.54, 11.42, 10.48, and 11.88 for hot water extraction for untreated fenugreek, treated fenugreek, black guar, white guar, and locust bean, respectively. The galactose to mannose ratio of galactomannans was 1.0 : 1.1 for fenugreek, 1.0 : 1.7 for guar and 1.0 : 2.4 for locust bean. The best used concentration of extracted galactomannan solutions were 1.0 % at shear rate (γ) 60 r.min-1. The rheological properties of dough made using 1.0 % level of extracted galactomannan from all used sources exhibited significant increase in each of water absorption, arrival time, mixing time, and stability. Meanwhile, physical and sensory properties of pan bread and cake were accepted at galactomannan concentration till 1.0 %. The effect of galactomannans extracted from different sources retard staling of pan bread and cake and improved keeping quality during storage periods till 1% levels than that of the other levels and control. On the other hand, galactomannans of carob beans was the best gum to retard staling than the other gums extracted from fenugreek and guar seeds.
Key words: galactomannans, fenugreek, guar, locustbean, bakery products, pan bread, cake.

Publication year 2009
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    أشجان محمد على محمود قسم خبز وعجائن
    1. أ. د. أحمد يوسف جبريل أستاذ و رئيس قسم علوم الأغذية – كلية الزراعة – جامعة عين شمس (المشرف الرئيسي)
    د. أسامة محمد رضوان أستاذ العلوم البيئية الزراعية المساعد – معهد الدراسات و البحوث البيئية – جامعة عين شمس
    أ.د. بثينة محمد عبداللطيف رئيس بحوث – معهد تكنولوجيا الأغذية – مركز البحوث الزراعية
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