Potentialities of Fava Beans Self- Sufficiency

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• Master Thesis: Department of Agricultural Economics, Faculty of Agriculture, Ain Shams University, 2020.
Legume crops are considered to be one of the most important agricultural crops in Egypt. It is the first bean crop in Egyptian terms of cultivated area and total production. Consumption, where green and dry seeds are used in human nutrition due to the high content of protein up to 30% and carbohydrates to 58% in addition to it contains vitamin A, B, and C, and is characterized by high potassium, iron and calcium, and uses the bean husk and the result of secondary known as hay Beans as feed for livestock and poultry, as well as a course in improving soil properties and fertility by increasing atmospheric nitrogen to the soil will benefit the next crop grown after faba bean. Despite the economic and social importance of the faba bean crop in Egypt, domestic production does not meet the consumption requirements, the area cultivated from this strategic crop decreased during the period (1990 - 2015) from about 344.6 thousand feddans in 1990 to about 81.9 thousand feddans in 2015, a decrease of about 76% of the cultivated area in 1990. Hence the problem of this study is the existence of a food gap between what is produced and consumed from this crop, especially in light of the steady increase in the population, which led to an increase in the quantity of imports to meet the requirements of national consumption, where amount of imports of faba bean increased from about 73 thousand tons From 2000 to about 650.79 thousand tons in 2016, an increase of about 891%, The value of imports reached 2153 million pounds in 2015. This study examined the food gap of faba bean and how to reduce it by studying the development of production, productivity, area, consumption, production costs, net yield, relative importance of production cost items, estimation of production functions, study of the efficiency of using agricultural resources, and the study of the most important factors affecting the function of faba bean supply response.
Publication year 2020
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