Biological Studies on the Interaction between some Available Drugs and Nutrients

Abstract: The present study investigated the interaction between some of foods (beef liver, milk full cream powder and tomatoes) which rich in iron, calcium and Vit.C respectively and flumox as an antibiotic by effecting on the blood glucose level, some physiological parameters as liver functions, kidney functions, histological properties of liver and kidney in rats. Forty five albino rats were divided into 5 groups, the first as a control negative group, the positive control group which received flumox .While, the other group fed basal diet with 10% beef liver, milk full cream powder and tomatoes with antibiotic source. At the end of experiment, body weight gain, feed intake, feed efficiency ratios were calculated. Also, fasting blood glucose, creatinine, serum urea, (AST) and (ALT) were determined. From the results, it could be noticed that, the full cream powder milk contained the higher protein, fat and ash while fresh tomatoes contained higher carbohydrate and fiber. Beef liver had 7.8mg of Iron and 25mg vit C but It had lowest in calcium while milk had highest content of calcium 930 mg but had lowest in Iron and Vit C 0.40mg and 0 mg, respectively. Body weight gain was significantly decreased in flumox group (positive group) but increased in groups fed on liver and tomato juice. There is no significant with liver, kidney and spleen weight as compared with both controls. There were significant between G4 and G5 with the others for GPT. The resulted revealed that there are no significant changes between G4 and G5 for urea level.

Key words: - Beef liver, milk full cream powder, tomatoes,
Biochemical analysis , flumox, antibiotic
Publication year 2019
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Country Egypt
Publisher Name: Faculty of Home Economics Dep. of Nutrition and Food Science.
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    عادل عبد المعطى احمد كلية الإقتصاد المنزلى - جامعة المنوفية
    نهاد رشاد الطحان
    محمد عبد المجيد السعدنى
Publication Type PhD Thesis