Utilization of inulin extracted from chicory (Cichoriumintybus L.) roots to improve the properties of low-fat synbiotic yoghurt

Abstract: The present study was aimed to extract and purify inulin from chicory roots and evaluate the physicochemical
properties and functional groups of the purified inulin for comparison with those of standard chicory inulin.
This study investigated the impact of various inulin concentrations on of low-fat yoghurt quality, including
physicochemical, microstructural, textural and sensory properties, the impact of inulin as a prebiotic on the
growth and viability of synbiotic yoghurt. The characteristics of the microstructurewere investigated by scanning
electron microscopy (SEM). For functional group detection, Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy was
used. For separate and quantify of inulin content determination were performed on a high-pressure liquid
chromatography combinedwith refractive index detector (HPLC-RID)method. The evaluation of inulin extracted
from chicory roots revealed a white powder with a natural taste and no off flavours. Inulin was less sweet than
sugar (sucrose) and was moderately soluble in water, colourless, and clear to hazy, with a pH of 5.84. Chicory
inulin showed a high content of reducing sugars (4.9%). The addition of inulin at 1% enhanced the
microstructural, textural and sensory properties of yoghurt compared to those of the control, and this yoghurt
can be considered a functional synbiotic product because it contains both probiotics (N6 log cfu g?1) and
prebiotics. The inulin addition to the probiotic yoghurt improved the viability of S. thermophilus, L. bulgaricus, L.
acidophilus and B. bifidumduring storage. Overall, low-fat synbiotic yoghurt containing 1% inulin was comparable
in its performance features to the full-fat probiotic yoghurt control.
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Publication year 2020
Pages 59–67
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