An Analytical Study for Skeltol Variation in Production Cost in Some Agriculture Crops in Kafr El-Shiakh Governorate

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In light of the foregoing results, the following can be recommended:
1. Re-focusing on the cultivation of high-quality varieties according to the irrigation water available for the rice crop using technological methods and thus increasing the production of rice along with horizontal expansion in accordance with the government's plan for the cultivation of one and a half million acres.
2. Activating the role of agricultural extension and cooperatives in guiding farmers to the correct use of water and rationalizing its use, especially in the cultivation of the rice crop.
3. Work to improve the productivity of the wheat crop in the Kafr El-Sheikh governorate by following the different technological methods and choosing the appropriate varieties and the appropriate method of cultivation and harvesting of the wheat crop, which results in an increase in production in the governorate in particular and in Egypt in general.
4. The necessity of reviewing the agricultural policies related to cotton and rice crops, especially the legislation that allocates the areas and varieties of cotton and the way it is traded, and not to leave the cotton seed trade to the private sector.
5. The necessity of working on the price stability of the cotton crop, thus stabilizing the areas and then stabilizing production and exports.
6. Establishing a fixed marketing policy for the cotton crop through the contractual policy and announcing the guarantee prices to farmers well before planting dates so that the farmer can respond to the policy of the state represented in the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation.
7. Using agricultural research institutes for study crops to devise varieties that are resistant to climatic changes that cause a decrease in production in general in Egypt, especially in Kafr El-Sheikh governorate, and also try to devise varieties of rice with less water consumption.
8. Providing production requirements in agricultural associations in order to reduce their prices in the markets, which causes an increase in production costs for the crops under study for the farmers, and then the farmers tend to plant other crops.
Master Thesis: Department of Agricultural Economics, Faculty of Agriculture, Mansoura University, 2022.
Publication year 2022
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