Performence of Two Hybrid Rice and Sakha 101 Rice Cultivars to Three Nitrogen Levels and Three Sowing Dates

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This experiment was conducted in 2004 and 2005 seasons to study response of two hybrid rice varieties H1 (SK 2034), H2 (SK 2046) and the pure line cultivars Sakha 101 to three levels of nitrogen fertilizer and three sowing dates. Three nitrogen levels used were (55, 110 and 165 kg N/ha). Three sowing dates were (15th April, 1st May and 15th May). Results showed that H2 surpassed other varieties under study in number of days from sowing to (maximum tillering and panicle initiation),leaf area index at complete heading, LAI and CGR at 74 days after sowing, amylose content, and grain yield (t/ha). In the other hand H1 gave the highest value of no of days from sowing up to heading date, LAI and CGR at period 60 and 67 days after sowing. While Sakha 101, outperform in protein content and light penetration. H2 with 165 KgN/ha, gave the highest value of LAI at 1st may date of sowing. However H1 with 165 KgN/ha) gave the highest value in chlorophyll content. All attributes studied were increased with 165 (kg N/ha. 1st May gave the highest value of number of days from sowing up to maximum tillering, panicle initiation, leaf area index at complete heading, LAI, C.G.R at three dates after sowing (60,67 and 74 ), Amylose content, and grain yield except light penetration were decreased.

Key words: Hybrid rice, Sowing date, N - level.

Publication year 2007
Pages 681-691
Availability location معهد بحوث المحاصيل الحقلية - مركز البحوث الزراعية - ش الجامعه – الجيزة
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serial title : Egypt. J. plant breed.11 (2):681-691(2007).
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Hybrids. Nitrogen. Rice.
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