An Economic Study for Cost Production of Wheat Crop in Sharkya Governorate

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• M. Sc. in Agricultural Science (Agricultural Economics): Department of Agricultural Economics, Faculty of Agriculture, Ain Shams University, 2022.
Wheat is one of the most affected agricultural and food commodities in the world markets, where it has been observed in the recent period the rise in the global prices of those commodities, and given that Egypt is one of the largest countries that import wheat, so the import of wheat has had repercussions on the Egyptian national economy, where it was required to provide the necessary foreign exchange to import the requirements of local consumption of wheat, so the state paid attention to great to find solutions to reduce the problem of the wheat gap in Egypt by studying the problems facing the state and farmers towards this problem, Egypt produces about 8183 thousand tons as an average period (2001-2020) while the cultivated area of it is about 3008 thousand acres as an average for the same period, wheat is grown in several governorates of the Arab Republic of Egypt, in, where Sharqia produces about 998 thousand tons as an average period (2001-2020) while the cultivated area of it is about 368 thousand acres on average for the same period.
The problem of the study is the fluctuation in the production of wheat crop in the province of Sharqia and the delay in its ranking in productivity at the level of the Republic despite the cultivation of large areas during the period (2016-2020), while its use of many varieties in the cultivation of the wheat crop, however, the productivity of most varieties is medium production, which shows that there are many production problems suffered by the Eastern, which necessarily requires standing on these problems and trying to develop appropriate solutions to them, and help decision makers in developing appropriate production policies that help raise the productivity of the wheat crop, and will study the production capacities, and the production costs of wheat in terms of value.
The study used the two descriptive and quantitative methods in analysing and presenting data and drawing conclusions that are useful in addressing the problem of the study, which is represented in the analysis of time series, measuring indicators of productivity efficiency of wheat as well as studying the production costs and conducting a questionnaire to study the functions of production and costs of wheat crop in Sharqia Governorate, and the study also relied on various published and unpublished secondary data, local.
The most important results of the study; Estimates of the total productive flexibility of the elements used in the function, that the farmers in the study sample survive in the first stage of the production function, which needs to use the optimal combination of production elements, which reflects the nature of the increasing yield of capacity for the four categories respectively.
The results of the estimation of the functions of production costs in the study sample showed that the civilian size of the costs amounted to about 16.3, 17.4, 17.9, 16.1, 18.1 ardab for the four categories and the total sample respectively, and that the most large volume of profits was 20.9, 20.2, 20.6, 22.9, 22.2 ardab for the four categories and the total sample also on the tarti B, and that the optimal capacity is 1.45, 3.1, 6.08, 8.3, 3.5 acres for the four categories and the total sample on the tarti B, and the total cost flexibility was 0.87, 0.83, 0.79, 0.76, 1.45 for the four categories and the total sample respectively, which shows the production of wheat farmers in the study sample in the non-economic phase according to the results of the estimate of cost functions for the four categories in the short term.
Publication year 2022
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