The Economics of Production and Marketing of Flax in the Gharbia Governorate

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• M. Sc. in Agricultural Science (Agricultural Economics): Department of Agricultural Economics, Faculty of Agriculture, Damanhour University, 2020.
The study aimed to identify the economic variables affecting the significant decline in the supply in Egypt of flax, study the marketing paths, evaluate the pricing and marketing policy, identify the production and marketing problems and obstacles facing flax growers, the first chapter dealt with the reference review, and the second chapter dealt with the current situation of flax production. The third chapter reviewed the standard estimation of the flax crop production functions, the fourth chapter included the standard estimation of the flax production costs functions, and the fifth chapter dealt with the marketing methods and evaluation of its price policy for the flax crop. and agricultural guidance, setting the factory receipt prices for the flax crop in line with the increase in production costs, integrating the expansion of the area of flax and its manufacturing units in the form of spinning and weaving that can be exported instead of being exported in the form of fibers to increase the added value of it to the national economy.
Publication year 2020
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