Diffusion Process of the Integrated Pest Management of Tomato in Fayoum Governorate

Abstract: Define the differences between farmers who heard and who did not hear about Tomato Integrated Pest Management (TIPM) in relation to their characteristics, Identify the diffusion level of (TIPM)of the respondent farmers, Identify the variables affecting the farmers knowledge degree of (TIPM), Know the obstacles of diffusion of the (TIPM)and suggestions to over come them in the view point of both farmers and facilitators.
The study was conducted in two districts belonging to Fayoum govemorate which were Tamia and Etsa according to the cultivated area of Tomato, two villages were selected from each district according to the same criteria. A random systematic sample of Tomato growers was drawn from the four villages which represent 10% from the whole numbers of the Tomato growers in these villages, The whole sample of farmers were 200 fanner, In order to obtain an accurate findings and achieve the study objectives, all the facilitators of the (IPM) project in Fayoum directorate in the two districts were represented, their ,total number were 32 facilitated.
:Findings cleared a significant differences between farmers who heard and who did not hear about the (TIPM) in relation to the following variables: size of land holding, Tomato cultivated area, readiness to change, aspiration level, and leadership degree, Findings reported about the diffusion level of (TIPM) that 26.5% of farmers did not hear about (TIPM), About half of farmers (54.4%) heard about (TIPM) from two years and less, the facilitator was the main source of hearing about it, The knowledge degree of (TIPM) of 50.3% of farmers was average, More than half of farmer did not apply the (TIPM).
Findings cleared that awareness of benefits of (TIPM), attitudes towards (TIPM) and size of land holding, were responsible of 34.2 % of variance of the knowledge degree.
Publication year 2008
Pages 1 -179
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