Study on Manufacture of Some Naturally Films Used in Coating and Packaging in Foods

Abstract: Abstract:
This study aim to increase the benefit of the sesame (Sesamum indicum, L.) seed oilseed cake (SOC) produced from the sesame oil processing and the sesame sieved waste produced from white tahini processing (SSWTP) with/without defatted soybean flour (DSF) (1:1 w/w) by partially substituted of wheat flour (WF) (72% extraction) to produce high nutritive bakery products (wheat bread, biscuits and pizza). Raw materials were chemical analyzed and microbiological evaluation. The effect of fortification products on nutritional and organoleptic characteristics were measured as well as evaluation of the best ratio of this fortified products to determine biological and biochemical effects on diabetic rats. The results showed that both of these wastes and (DSF) had not any aflatoxins. (SOC) was the highest value of protein and ash (29.85% and 11.58%, respectively) while (SSWTP) contained high value of ether extract and protein (43.54% and 29.20%, respectively). Results indicated the ability utilization from these wastes with (DSF) for producing functional foods.
Publication year 2008
Availability location معهد بحوث تكنولوجيا الأغذية -9 شارع الجامعة -جيزة-مصر
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Agris Categories Diet and diet-related diseases
Proposed Agrovoc defatted soybean flour;
Publication Type PhD Thesis