Economic Study for the nutritional Gap of wheat crop in Egypt

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• Ph. D. in Agricultural Science (Agricultural Economics): Department of Agricultural Economics, Faculty of Agriculture, Assiut University, 2022.
The study aimed to determine the dimensions of the food gap for the wheat crop in Egypt, and the results showed that the wheat foot security coefficient amounted to about 0.34, which is a value less than the correct one, which reflects the low state of food security from it. It was also found that a decrease in the amount of local production of wheat by 1% leads to an increase in the nutritional gap of wheat by 1.04%, while an increase in the population and the average per capita consumption of wheat by 1% leads to an increase in the nutritional gap of wheat By 1.33% and 1.79%, respectively, Consistent with the economic logic, the study recommended the necessity of creating an accumulation in the strategic wheat stock that is sufficient for local consumption for a period of 6 months, according to food security considerations.
Publication year 2022
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