The Agricultual Extension Probleme of the Animal Production Area in Ismailia Governorate

Abstract: The study amied mainly determining the Agricultural Extension problems of the animal production, and the management and educational problems faced the respondents as cattle and buffalo breeders in Ismailia Governorate.
Five provinces were selected ; Ismailia,EI-Tal Elkabeer, Fayed, Qantarah West and Qantara East the study sample has been selected at regular random way The sample was determined using the equation, of Morgan Kreczsi with a sample size of 172 farmers in order to easily perform calculations and to increase trusted results. The sample representing 12.4% of total respondents in the selected centers. The top five village in the choosen centers were selected respective villages, and the sample was distributed according to the relative number of respondents.
For the presentation of the results and their analysis, the arithmetic average, standard deviation, coefficient variation, the repetitive tabular presentation percentage and (t) test, were used.
Objectives of the research: Identification of management problems facing (cattle and buffalo breeders ) respondents, in the Ismailia Governorate in terms of presence and relative importance of the problems.
The result showed that the most important management problems faced the cattle and buffalo breeders respondents during breeding and marketing their animals after descendingly according to percentage of meaning of it were lake of financial liquidity, high feeding prices, far distance between breeders and local market also it showed ,The most important educational problems are unseparation between animals , There is no clean water source to the brain yard , unsuitable direction for the yard, ignoring the importance of
green legumes in ration in summer . Ignoring the importance of first aid in Blot case, ignoring the importance of proceeding artificial insemination.
Benefits from the research:
I - Applied benefits: Based on the study results there is a proposed indicators for planning and implementing Extension programs to over come the most problems facing the cattle and buffalo breeders in Ismailia Governorate
2 —Academic benefit: It is possible through this study to emphasis the necessity of further studies as we consider this study as a step in the scientific road for reducing this problems.
Publication year 2009
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