Effectiveness of The Television Program SerElard” in Developing Farmer’s Knowledge and Skills in Fish Production and Marketing in Kafer El-Shikh Governorate

Abstract: The main objectives of this study were : (1) to determine the respondents , knowledge , application , and their skills in the implementation of extension recommendations of concentrated fish production farms which were projected through a series of " Ser Elard " television episodes ;(2) to determine their benefit degree from those recommendations , and finally , to get their opinions about some feature of this program .
This study was conducted in six area from three selected districts , namely : Sidi Salem , El Riad , and Bulteem in Kafer EL- Shikh governorate .
The data were collected through July, August, and September 2007, using a questiomaire with interpersonal interviews from a sample of 175 respondents; 100 of them were viewers of the program episodes, and 75 respondents were non-viewers.
The data were tabulated, presented, analyzed using numbers, percentages, averages, and ( t ) test .
The study revealed the following results:
1 – There were similarity in personal, economic, and social characters of both groups; viewers and know viewers.
2 – 86 percent of the viewers knew the projected fish recommendations through the series of “Ser Elard" program episodes and the overall mean score of their knowledge of these recommendations was 33, with 79 %.
3 – The overall mean score for the number of the viewers who implemented those recommendations was about 83 % and the overall mean score of the application degree of those extension recommendations of fish production was 32 with 79 %.
4 – The overall mean score of the viewers skill in the implementation of those recommendations was 266, with 63 % of the total score 420.
5 – The recommendations of fish production projected through the program episodes were sufficient except fish breading and natural delivery of fish.
6 – Most of the viewers were benefited from the television “Ser Elard“program episodes.
Finally, four research recommendations were deducted based on the results of this study.
Publication year 2009
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