Effect of adding transglutaminase on the properties of fermented milk

Abstract: Rheological, chemical and organoleptic properties of yoghurt made from (buffaloes', cows' and goats' milk) were studied by adding Microbial Transglutaminase (MTGase) at different ratios and the results showed that:
1. Adding MTGase at different concentrations decrease the development of acidity, syneresis and acetaldehyde. Also, increased the values of firmness, apparent viscosity and organoleptic properties.
2. Buffaloes' milk yoghurt showed the highest firmness, apparent viscosity and organoleptic properties. Meanwhile it had the lowest syneresis and acidity development.
3. Cows' milk yoghurt showed intermediate values between (buffaloes' and goats' milk yoghurt) for rheological, chemical and organoleptic analysis. On the other hand, it had the lowest value of acetaldehyde (aroma compound).
4. Goats' milk yoghurt showed the highest acetaldehyde, syneresis and development of acidity but it had the lowest firmness and apparent viscosity.
Publication year 2009
Pages PP. 89
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Buffalo milk. Cow milk. Goat milk. Milk products. Yoghurt.
Proposed Agrovoc Microbial Transglutaminase;
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