Role of Some Non-Governmental Organizations in the development of Rural Family in Giza Governorate

Abstract: This study aimed to identify the respondents' knowledge degree concerning
the activities of the local community development, legitimate, and charities
organizations (ORGs), and their opinion on the performance degree of these
activities as well as their benefit degree from these activities, as the most important independent variables which are related to the knowledge degree, benefit from the activities of the three studied orgs., and the obstacles which face these organizations (ORGs), and all respondents suggestions to reduce them.
The study was conducted in three districts of Giza governorate. Two types of samples for the study were chosen (the heads of rural household (HRH), and the members of the directors boards of the organizations studied (MDB). 384 the heads of rural household (HRH), and 69 members of the directors boards (MDB) of the studied organizations (ORGs) were chosen randomly.
A questioner was designed, tested, and collected through Jan. to March
The study used frequency, percentages, simple correlation coefficient, and chi square test to analyse of the data.
Publication year 2014
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