Training needs of Agricultural extension supervisors

Abstract: The study aimed at achieving the following goals:
l- Identifying the personal and professional characteristics of the respondents from the agricultural supervisors and guiding workers.
2- Identifiying training needs, the applied and collective and rehabilitative needs for the respondents in the seven studied categories
(Training - guidance (leadership), motivation, directing, coordination, censorship and Correction).
3- Identifying some of the bilateral relations between the personal and professional variables of the respondents and the former training pre-rnentioned needs.
4- Determining the proportion of the contribution of some of the independent variables
studied in the interpretation of variation in the degrees of training requirements that have been mentioned above for the respondents in the seven studied areas or categories.
5- Identification of the views of the respondents in the degree of the presence of obstacles and
problems (19) that limit and curb their effectiveness while performing their guidway duties
and task. After selecting and identifying the research objectives, the hypotheses were
formulated and put in zero images. The study has been launched in the middle and south
delta region as an area and intentional sample to conduct this study. The number of the
agricultural guiding supervisors reached 346 as guiding supervisors. Data have been gathered
by a personal interview form during July & august 2012. Throughout a proportion out of 100
% of the intentional sample. Data were coded, admitted and discharged into the computer.
Data have been also analyzed by using the stastical programmer [spss] . Duplicates were also
used and the percentage and the arithmetic mean and the weighted
data). The simple correlation analysis was also used [person] .The linear regression analysis
was u ed as well whether ( full model or the steno typist one to analyse ( Data) and the
identification of the proportion of the contribution of the independent variables in interpreting
the collective contras in the variables [ the dependent variable] . Test [ F ] and test [ T ] were
ab) used to judge the statistical SIgnificance of the relations: the most important reults were
as follows:
1- 77.5% of the total number of the respondents were of [ guide specialists sector] while 47,1
% of the total number of respondents were from Al - monomial Governorate. 69,08 % of
the total number of the respondents are adults or ( elder ones ). 69,4% of the respondents are
brought up in villages [ rurals]. 70,2% of the respondents have got agricultural bachelor.
Publication year 2015
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