A Study of Environmental Behavior for rural youth in some villages at kafer El- sheikh Governorate

Abstract: The issues of the pollution of the natural resources of the environment as a result of the effect depending on the wrong social
behavior is the most dangerous things, the environment exposed to a large number of problems between wasting, neglecting and polluting
components, that because human working towards progress and rush of human without prudence to depleting a lot of the natural resources. Since the environmental behavior is the main factor that determines the method of how to deal with the environment to exploit its resources, as well as it is the most important factors to preserve and protect the environment, so, the adjusting of the rural behavior to be positive in dealing with natural resources will have a significant impact on the preservation of these resources and protection it from pollution and attrition, and the belief in the role played by the youths in the development process and the preservation of environmental resources from pollution; therefore, the research problem started from several questions, they are: What are the personal characteristics of the respondents? What is the level of the environmental behavior of rural youth? What are the factors that stand behind it? What is the work that affects on the amendment of the negative behaviors towards the environment to positive behaviors? And how can raise of the level of ! environmental awareness of youth? What is the positive contribution due in the preservation of the environment from pollution?
The objective of the study:
Consistence with the research problem it has been possible to formulate the following objectives:
1- To identify some personal characteristics of the respondents from the rural youth.
2- To identify the level of the environmental behavior of the respondents from the rural youth in the field of soil, water, air in the villages studied.
Publication year 2015
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