Combined effect of manure – nitrogen fertilization on maize hybrid (10) to insect infestation in relation to physical and chemical grain characters

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Laboratory experiments were carried out to study the degree of insect infestation by sitophilus oryzae L. on maize grains(Hybrid10) treated in the field with organo-fertilizer (farm –yard manure at zero and 20 m3/fed.) under three levels of nitrogen fertilization(45,90 and 135 kg/fed). Results showed that the degree of infestation and the mean of emerged adults of S. oryzae were greatly affected by the tested fertilization treatments of Hybrid 10 maize. Data also , showed that the treatment of hybrid to insect infestation whereas , the combination between the high levels of nitrogen ( 135 kg/ fed .) and 20m3/fed manure, dave Hybrid 10 more tore tolerant for infestation and with less weight loss. Relationship between some chemicak and physical characters of Hybrid 10 and its resistance to insect infestation was atudied . Studch characteristics were obviously affected as a rested levels of nitrogen fertilization as well as its combination with manure , On the other hand, some physical characteristics were variously affected by insect infestation, i.e. weight of 100 grain , grain volume. Ash % endosperm %, germ % and hull %, Most of chemical composition of tested treatmend ( except total carbohydrate ) fertilization i. e. amylase %protein %, ash, oil %, and fibers. Finally, crude and its fractions the tested hybrid affected the degree of insect infestation and should be taken in consideration during breeding preeding to select a line with high yield. High quality , more resistant to insect attack and characterized with low degree of deterioration after storage.
Key words: Maize hybrid, manure, nitroren fertilizers, chemical grain characters and
S. oryzae

Publication year 2008
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    د. سناء محمود محجوب - معهد بحوث وقاية النباتات – مركز البحوث الزراعية
    د. سحر عثمان احمد (تكنولوجيا محاصيل)- معهد بحوث تكنولوجيا الأغذية – مركز البحوث الزراعية
    د. محروس سليمان غريب
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