Utilization of pumpkin pulp and seeds flours as nutrient supplement of wheat flour biscuits

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This study was carried out to investigate the utilization of pulp and seeds flours of pumpkin as replacement of wheat flour at different levels (5,10,15,20%) to prepare rich protein and minerals biscuits for school children. The chemical composition of flours of wheat, pumpkin pulp and pumpkin seeds was determined. Chemical composition and physical properties as well as organoleptic evaluation of prepared biscuits were also determined. Elemental analysis of both pulp, defatted seeds flours of pumpkin and wheat flour as well as of prepared biscuits was performed. In addition, biological study using Albino white rats was done to evaluate biological parameters of prepared biscuits.
Results indicated that the pumpkin seeds flour (PSF) contain a high protein content (43.8%) compared with that of wheat flour (11.16%) and pumpkin pulp flour (PPF) (8.37%). Ash content of PPF (11.17%) was significantly higher than those of PSF (3.4%) and wheat flour that has only 1.1% of ash content. PSF has values of calcium, sodium, iron, zinc, potassium and phosphorus significantly higher than those of wheat flour. PPF is very rich of potassium, sodium, calcium and iron compared with wheat flour. The protein and minerals contents of biscuit made with PSF increased significantly with increasing the replacement ratio. The addition of pumpkin pulp flour as replacement of wheat flour until level of 20% led to a significant increase in minerals content. Moreover, it gave a very good effect on sensory characteristics and protein efficiency ratio of prepared biscuit. Biscuit samples contained PSF gave higher body weight gain of experimental rats and food efficiency ratio (FER) in comparison with wheat flour biscuits. As organoleptic evaluation, the biscuit samples contained PSF until 10% as replacement ratio of wheat flour are nearly similar to control sample. Based on the obtained results, the new product of biscuit contained PSF or PPF can be covered protein and minerals of nutritional needs of schoolchildren in developing countries and could be recommended as food aid in institutional feeding programs for pupils in different school stages.
Publication year 2008
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