Studies on application using for some egyption herbs as antioxidants in production biscuts

Abstract: Day by day increase importance the natural food additives, hence in this study, the phenolic extracted from basil leaves, spearmint leaves and fennel seeds as natural antioxidants were added at concentration 200, 400 and 600 ppm from fat weight using in biscuit production. Biscuit was stored at room temperature for 8 months. Induction period was measured by Rancimat apparatus. Total phenolic and phenolic acids compound were determined. Peroxide value, acid value, thiobarbituric acid and refractive index were measured during storage. Antimicrobial activity for phenolic extraction were examined after 8 months. Sensory evaluation was measured directly after baking. The results showed that total phenolic content in basil leaves, spearmint leaves and fennel seeds were 3.97, 1.91 and 1.53 mg/g as caffeic acid equivalents respectively. Five phenolic acids were found in both basial leaves and spearmint leaves, while four phenolic acids were found in fennel seeds by using (HPLC). Rancimat results showed that induction period for phenolic herbs could be ranked as follow: basil leaves > spearmint leaves > fennel seeds. The results elucidated that the best concentration from natural additives as antioxidants activity were 400 and 600 ppm compared with BHT. The results revealed that the more concentration of natural antioxidants increased, the more peroxide value, acid value, thiobarbituric acid and refractive index decreased. Total bacterial count and (yeast & mold) count were decreased with increasing the concentration phenolic additives. Sensory evaluation declared that addition different antioxidants had no significant differences effects were found between control and biscuit samples.
Publication year 2008
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    أيمن عزت محمد قسم خبز وعجائن
    – نادية محمود عبد المطلب معهد بحوث تكنولوجيا الاغذية
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