Effect of Leaf-Tying and Shading on Heads Quality and Yield of Summer Chinese Cabbage

Abstract: Two field experiments were carried out in El-Bossaily Protected
Cultivations Unit, El-Behaire Governorate, Egypt in 2002 and 2003
seasons to study the response of some Chinese cabbage (Brassica
campestris var. pekinensis) cultivars, i.e. China Queen, China Express
and Tropical Delight to leaf-tying and shading as comparmed to the
control (unshaded) in summer season. Data showed that leaf-tying
significantly increased the head weight of both "China Queen and China
Express" cultivars, but had a great positive effect on the heat-tolerant
"Topical Delight". Yield increases were due to higher heading rate
(number of plants with heads) and the development of heavier heads.
Polyethylene net black covers had a positive effect on yield of all
cultivars as compared to the unshaded (control). Vitamin C, total
caroteniods and total sugars were increased due to leaf-tying and shading
in all cultivars. An opposite trend was recorded for chlorophyll content as
the lowest resulted from shaded head and the highest from the unshaded
plants in the three cultivars. On the other hand, leaf-tying treatment
increased total chlorophyll than the control heads in all cultivars.
Publication year 2005
Pages 729-735
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