Ahmed Mohamed Abd El-Khalek
Affiliation Animal Production Research Institute (APRI)
Department Poultry Nutrition Research Department
Agrovoc Rabbits - Poultry - Feeds
E-mail address aabdelkhalek_apri@hotmail.com
Work Telephones 0105019783

Professional progress
Vice president for extension & training in Animal Production Research Institute (APRI) [07/09/2022]
Vice president for research in Animal Production Research Institute (APRI) [11/05/2023]
Scientific Progress
Senior Researcher in Animal Production Research Institute (APRI) [30/06/2009]
Researcher in Animal Production Research Institute (APRI) [28/05/2004]
Research Assistant in Animal Production Research Institute (APRI) [14/10/1999]
- Response of broiler chicks to Xylanase supplementation of corn/rye containing diets varying in metabolizable energy (2013)
- Determination of metabolizable energy of rich unsaturated fatty acids dry-fat in chicken diets using chemical, biological and mathematical methods (2013)
- Interaction between supplemental vitamin e and endogenous antioxidant enzymes of different rabbit genetic resources: 2- effect on meat quality (2012)
- Effect of supplemental Zinc, Magnesium or Iron on performance and some physiological traits of growing rabbits (2012)
- Effect of different dietary linoleic acid to linolenic acid ratios on some productive, immunological and physiological traits of Dandarawy chicks (2011)
- Response of summer stressed growing rabbits to some dietary growth promoters (2007)
- Using fats and/or electrolytes in growing rabbit rations in hot climate (2000)
- RYE as altrnative ceral grain with or without xylanase enzyme supplementation in laying hens diets (2012)
- Improving the utilization of dry fat in broiler diets during summer season (2011)
- Further aspects on the effect of different n-3 and n-6 fatty acid sources in broiler diets (2009)
- Response of broiler chicks to L-Tryptophan supplementations in low protein corn –soybean meal diets (2009)
- Impact of prebiotic, probiotic and competitive exclusion on growth performance and microbiota of broiler chicks (2009)
- Response of growing rabbits to barley radicel diets supplemented with commercial enzymes (2007)
- Some performance aspects of doe rabbits fed diets supplemented with fenugreek and aniseed (2007)
- Some performance aspects of Bauscat doe rabbits as affected by dietary supplementation with Fenugreek and Aniseed (2005)