Maha Ibrahim Kamal Ali
Affiliation Food Technology Research Institute (FTRI)
Department Special Food and Nutrition
Research Field Food Science and Technology (Human Nutrition)
Prizes or Award As reviewer for World Journal of Food Science and Technology1-( since June 18, 2019. - Certificate of Appreciation by the Scientific Association for Food2 Industries, Faculty of Agriculture, Alexandria University on the day of excellence held on 22 - 9 - 2016.
E-mail address
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Fax 01117316673 -
Awarded Degrees
Degree BSc, Egypt, Alexandria in [2008]
Masters, Egypt, Alexandria Title: Environmental and nutritional factors that affect the concentration of some heavy metals in hair of a sample of students in preparatory stage and their relationship with their growth and health status in Alexandria in [2015]
PHD, Egypt, Alexandria Title: Effect of mercury exposure on the growth and development of children in the preschool age and young experimental animals in [2015]
Scientific Progress
Assistant Researcher in Food Technology Research Institute (FTRI) [19/12/2019]
Research Assistant in Food Technology Research Institute (FTRI) [18/07/2010]
Researcher in Food Technology Research Institute (FTRI) [13/07/2017]