Esam Bakr Osman
Affiliation Field Crops Research Institute (FCRI)
Department Oil Crops Research
Research station Field Crops Research Stations
Station name
E-mail address esam g29723
Work Telephones 7924464
Fax 7924564       092
Degree PHD, Egypt, Assut in [2001]
Scientific Progress
Senior Researcher in Field Crops Research Institute (FCRI) [01/02/2006]
Researcher in Field Crops Research Institute (FCRI) [01/02/2001]
Assistant Researcher in Field Crops Research Institute (FCRI) [01/02/1996]
Specialist in Field Crops Research Institute (FCRI) [01/01/1994]
- Genotypic stability analysis for yield and iys attributes of safflower (carthamus tinctorus L.) under different modern irrigation systems in new reclaimed lands (2005)
- Response of canol (Brassica napus, L.) to npk and organo- mineral fertilizers under the conditions of the newely reclaimed sandy soils (2005)
- Response of two sunfl ower hybrids to the number of npk fertilizers splittings and plant densities in newly reclaimed soil (2005)
- Influence of elemental sulphurapplication and micronutrients fertilization on some soil propertierties and yield of sunflower (2005)
- Response of some peanut varies to rhizopium inoculation and some soil conditioners in sandy calcareous soil (2004)
- Evaluation of some promising sesame lines for yield and technology characteristics (2004)
- ٌResponse of peanut plants grown on a sandy calcareous soil to fertilization with farmyard manure and an organo- mineral fertilizer prepared from some sugar cane wastes (2003)
- Effct of nitrogen fertilization level on growth, yield, seed and oil quality of three canola cultivars (2003)
- Effect of hill spacing and fertigation using drip irrigation system in sandy calcareous soil on the productivity some safflower genotypes (2005)
Master Thesis:
- Improving productivity of sesame & peanuts in newly reclaimed soils (sandy calcareous) (1996)
PhD Thesis:
- Productivity of some sunflower hybrids by modern systems of irrigation and fertilization under newly reclaimed soil (2001)