Dr. Hassan Aly Sharshar
Affiliation Agricultural Extension & Rural Development Research Institute (AERDRI)
Department Extension Methods and Audio/Visual Aids Research Department
Research Field Agricultural Extension and Rural Community Development(Group Extension Methods)
Work Telephones 2047234867
Fax 2047234867
Professional progress
Dept. Manager in Agricultural Extension & Rural Development Research Institute (AERDRI) [07/11/2007]
Scientific Progress
Chief Researcher in Agricultural Extension & Rural Development Research Institute (AERDRI) [27/12/2005]
Senior Researcher in Agricultural Extension & Rural Development Research Institute (AERDRI) [23/12/2000]
Researcher in Agricultural Extension & Rural Development Research Institute (AERDRI) [19/11/1995]
Assistant Researcher in Agricultural Extension & Rural Development Research Institute (AERDRI) [19/09/1991]
- Agricultural extension workers in Assiut Governorate use mobile phones to perform some of their extension work tasks (2020)
- Mass Media Agents' Requirements in functions of Egyptian Agricultural Satellite Channel (2010)
- Fisherniens Visions for the Implications of the Ministerial Decree of Preventing Fisihing at the Mediterenian Sea During Specific Period Every Year in Some Governorates in A.R.E. (2009)
- Water Users Members Opinions for Farmers Problems and Their Information Sources on Branch Canals in Irrigation Improvement Areas At Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate (2006)
- The role of local leaders of water users association board members in branch canals of irrigation water rationalization in kafr ei-sheikh governorate. (2005)
- A Study of Agricultural Extension Workers Efficiency Utilizing Extension Methods in the Agricultural Extension Centers at Some of Delta Governorates,A.R.E (2005)
- The effects of demonstration fields on developing meskas of irrigation water practices in Desouke and Al-ryad districts, Kafer El-sheikh governorate (2004)
- The social and communicational characteristics of the graduates local extensional leaders in new communities in kafr el-sheikh governorate and their roles in agricultural extension (2004)
- Extension effect of farmers exposure to problems system and its responds follow-up in vercon net, kafr El-sheikh, governorate (2004)
- Knowledge and executive level of agricultural workers in extesion centers for use some communicational methods in kafr el-sheikh, al Gharbia and al Bihira governorates. (2004)
- A study of behaviour level of palm trees farmers and the suitable extension communication methods for them at Albrolos and Motobes districts, kafr el-sheikh governorate (2003)
- Cooprational Leader and Farmers Knowledge of Cotton And Rise Crops Marketing Practices in Sidi Salem and Hamoul Districts, Kafer Elshik Governorates (2003)
- Extension Workers and Local Leaders Knowlodge Concerning Reasons of The Pollution in Rural Environment, and Their Communication Roles In This Regard in Kafr EI-Sheikh and El-Behiera Governorates (2002)
- A Study of Farmers Knowledge Gab of Improvement and Conservation the Agricultural Soil in Al-Ryad and Al-Hamoul Districts, Kafr El-Sheikh governorate (2002)
- A Study of The Relatinship of Some Socio-Economic and Communicational Variables of the Local Leaders With the Extensional Methods in Some Valilleges- Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate (2000)
- The Knowledge and Exentive Effect of Using Leaflet About Bio Fertilizers to Rice (Blowgreen) Among Local. Extension Leadersin Some Villages, Kafr El-Sheikh Distrect and Governorate (1999)
- A Study of Correlates and Determinants of Agricultural Modernization Among Local Leaders and Farmers in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate (1999)
- Farmers Knowledge and Implementation Levels Concerning New Technical Practices of Cotton, Wheat Crops, and Proper Extension Methods in Reclaimed Lands of Kafr EI-Sheikh Governorate (1998)
- The Educatiobnal Effect of Using Video Tape About Bestcides Softy Among Educated Farmer in The Regions if El - Zawia in Kafr El- Sheikh And Banger El- Suger in Noubaria. (1998)