Ahmed Mostafa ِAhmed Hassanien
Affiliation Weed Research Central Laboratory (WRCL)
Department Weed control in horticulture, vegetables crops and Road side Department
Research station Field Crops Research Stations
Station name
Agrovoc Plant competition - Weed control - Herbicides
Work Telephones 0824451521
Fax 025699399       0824451528
Degree PHD, Egypt, elminya in [1997]
Scientific Progress
Researcher in Weed Research Central Laboratory (WRCL) [21/02/2008]
Assistant Researcher in Weed Research Central Laboratory (WRCL) [01/10/2006]
Specialist in Weed Research Central Laboratory (WRCL) [01/01/2003]
- Estimation of the critical period for weed control in soybean (Glycine max l) as influenced by plant density (2012)
- Competition of weed community and its control in onion nursery fields (2012)
- Weed control in garlic (Alium sativum L.) (2012)
- Seed harbarium of som common weeds in Egypt (2010)
- Wheat And Barley Tolerance And Three Common Grassy Weed Susceptibility To Clodinafop- Propargyl (Topik) (2010)
- effect of weed competition and its control methods on growth, residues and yield of cabbage (brassica oleracea var capitata) (2012)