Ayman Araby Khalil
Affiliation Animal Production Research Institute (APRI)
Department Sheep and Goat Research Department
Research station Animal Production Research Stations
Station name
Research Field Animal and Poultry Science(Animal Physiology)
Agrovoc Physiologists - Sheep - Goats
E-mail address aymnataby2000@gmail.com- aymanaraby@yahoo.com
Work Telephones 0862631624
Fax 0862631624
Degree PHD, Egypt, elminya in [2009]
Scientific Progress
Assistant Researcher in Animal Production Research Institute (APRI) [06/11/2008]
Research Assistant in Animal Production Research Institute (APRI) [31/10/2006]
- Thermal responses and respiratory activities of sheep under heat stress as affected by some dietary salts (2011)
Master Thesis:
- Using some salts to alleviate heat stress and improve physiological responses in sheep under hot conditions in Egypt (2008)