Ibrahim Talat EL-Ratel
Affiliation Animal Production Research Institute (APRI)
Department Biotechnolog Research Department
Research station Animal Production Research Stations
Station name
Research Field Animal and Poultry Science(Poultry Physiology)
Agrovoc Physiologists - Poultry
E-mail address Freelive_81@yahoo.com
Work Telephones 0473227990
Scientific Progress
Researcher in Animal Production Research Institute (APRI) [28/04/2013]
Assistant Researcher in Animal Production Research Institute (APRI) [05/04/2009]
Research Assistant in Animal Production Research Institute (APRI) [17/07/2007]
- Effects of ascorbic acid and glutathione on in vitro maturation of new Zealand white and Baladi black rabbit oocytes (2012)
- In vitro fertilization and development of in vitro versus in vivo matured rabbit oocytes (2012)
- Recovery rate of follicular and oviductal oocytes of doe rabbits super-induced to ovulation by hormonal treatments (2008)
PhD Thesis:
- Using biotechnology in maintenance of genetic resources of local breeds of rabbits (2012)