Safaa Abd El-Aleem Mohammad Hassan El-Aidie
Affiliation Animal Production Research Institute (APRI)
Department Dairy Technology Research Department
Research Field Food Science and Technology (Dairy Technology)
Agrovoc Milk substitutes - Milk - Milk byproducts - Technology - Fat globules - Dairy hygiene - Milk fat - Milk products - Chymosin
E-mail address
Work Telephones 0119968952
Awarded Degrees
Degree BSc, Egypt, Cairo in [2000]
Masters, Egypt, Cairo Title: Improving the quality and microstructure of low fat Edam cheese made from buffaloes' milk in [2005]
PHD, Egypt, Cairo Title: Studies on use of some fermented milk to produce nutraceutical dairy foods in Egypt and some East African countries in [2014]
Scientific Progress
Assistant Researcher in Animal Production Research Institute (APRI) [05/07/2012]
Agricultural Engineer in Animal Production Research Institute (APRI) [01/08/2000]